Sir Henry Brooke obituary

Former court of appeal judge who documented racial discrimination in the courts and in retirement campaigned against legal injusticeThe former lord justice of appeal, Sir Henry Brooke, who has died following cardiac surgery aged 81, was a tireless campaigner for improving access to justice and transformed his retirement into an opportunity to speak out on legal causes.

After stepping down from the bench in 2006 following a distinguished career, he achieved prominence as a passionate advocate for much-needed reform of the justice system: he served as vice-chair of the Labour party-supported Bach Commission on Access to Justice (2016-17), drafting significant sections of the resulting report that called for a legally enforceable right to justice and legal aid.

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I’ve had plenty of online abuse, but I still don’t think MPs deserve special treatment | Diane Abbott

Laws just for politicians are not the answer – everyone needs protection. Theresa May should instead get tough with internet giantsThe prime minister has chosen to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage with a call for greater protection for MPs and others against abuse. She announced today that the government would consult on making the abuse of MPs a criminal offence. As someone with more than enough experience of personal abuse and threats, in my judgment this is a thoroughly misguided intervention, and Theresa May should have a rethink.

It is unclear why MPs or other elected representatives should have special treatment in law to protect them. There are already laws against violence, threats, intimidation, harassment and stalking. But the experience of victims shows that the law is too often a dead letter. It is only when the situation has escalated beyond control that there is effective police intervention.

Why is the prime minister so insistent on this misconceived course of action?

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Police assess contempt claims over Tommy Robinson videos

Detectives examining whether Facebook broadcasts may have put Darren Osborne trial at risk

Police are assessing claims that videos posted on social media accounts belonging to the former EDL leader Tommy Robinson risked collapsing the trial of the Finsbury Park terrorist, Darren Osborne.

Two live broadcasts appeared on Robinson’s Facebook page during the trial at Woolwich crown court, which heard Osborne had been an avid reader of material posted online by Robinson in the weeks before he attacked members of the Muslim community last June.

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