Yoko Ono v Yoko Mono: who gets to use a celebrity’s name?

The artist has managed to get a bar in Germany to change its name – and she’s not the only one to take umbrage at having their name used to sell thingsPity the poor celebrity who has worked hard to create a name for themselves only for someone else to come along to use it. The latest is Yoko Ono, who has successfully managed to get a bar in Hamburg to change its name from Yoko Mono, as it has been known for 19 years, to the rather more dull and singular Mono. The name, the court was reported to have said, is so similar “that it was sufficiently likely that an observer would surmise some kind of link between Miss Ono and the bar”. An observer of the graffiti-covered dive bar possibly wouldn’t assume it was run by the mega-rich artist, but apparently that’s not the point. Here are some other celebrities who have had to fight for their good names.

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