We MPs do our best – I can sympathise with Tulip Siddiq’s lapse of judgment | Rupa Huq

I have asked questions in parliament about Bangladeshi human rights, but local MPs can’t be expected to resolve complex issues on the hoof

• Rupa Huq is Labour MP for Ealing Central and ActonWith the long hours, the public nature of the job and the advent of online abuse, MPs can sometimes lose their rag. Like many people, I was taken aback to see the skirmish on Channel 4 news this week in which my friend and colleague Tulip Siddiq did just that with a journalist. It was an unedifying spectacle. She recognises that too, and has apologised. But I can understand how it happened too.

As an MP you’re expected to be an expert on everything. Old and new media voraciously seek stories. Jeremy Corbyn’s interview with GQ serves as a reminder that top politicians employ media handlers – the Labour leader apparently vetoed Alastair Campbell as his interviewer, and his communications director Seumas Milne turned up to the photo shoot. Those belonging to the lower orders don’t have that luxury and are approached by broadcasters direct with no screening, even though the public reaction is often “Why does the Labour party put these people up for these appearances?”

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