I’ve had plenty of online abuse, but I still don’t think MPs deserve special treatment | Diane Abbott

Laws just for politicians are not the answer – everyone needs protection. Theresa May should instead get tough with internet giantsThe prime minister has chosen to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage with a call for greater protection for MPs and others against abuse. She announced today that the government would consult on making the abuse of MPs a criminal offence. As someone with more than enough experience of personal abuse and threats, in my judgment this is a thoroughly misguided intervention, and Theresa May should have a rethink.

It is unclear why MPs or other elected representatives should have special treatment in law to protect them. There are already laws against violence, threats, intimidation, harassment and stalking. But the experience of victims shows that the law is too often a dead letter. It is only when the situation has escalated beyond control that there is effective police intervention.

Why is the prime minister so insistent on this misconceived course of action?

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