If the abused can’t speak, we need other routes to their pain | Andy Connolly

It took decades before any of Barry Bennell’s abuse victims came forward – we need to understand why‘Why did it take them so long to tell anyone?” This is a question we often hear at SurvivorsUK, especially when a high-profile trial, such as that of Barry Bennell, is in the news.

Based on an analysis of our client data from a few years ago, we estimate that the average length of time it takes the men who we support to come forward is 26 years. And this is the average for the men who do come forward. We cannot know how many men never come forward, never report to the police and never ask for help. It has been estimated that this could be as high as 96% and that as many as one in six men has experienced sexual violence. Perhaps the kinder and more revealing question to ask is: “How is it that these men did report, given that so few do?”

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