If public service workers have to strike, I’ll be supporting them. Here’s why | Owen Jones

The Tories will try to divide and rule by raising the cap for some sectors. That is unacceptable – Britain’s anti-union laws must be revokedThe Tories are attempting to smother the biggest democratic movement in Britain. Even before their latest round of pernicious new anti-union laws were imposed, Britain had – in the words of Tony Blair – “the most restrictive union laws in the western world.” As an example: in 2010, when 81% of Unite’s British Airways members voted for industrial action with a 71% turnout, a judge ruled the strike would be illegal. Why? On a technicality: the judge declared that the union had not properly disseminated the fact that 11 of the 9,282 ballots cast had been spoilt. Len McCluskey, the leader of Unite, is absolutely right: if Britain’s pillars of society in the public sector wish to defy these authoritarian laws, they should be supported.

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The law exists to make it almost impossible for many workers to go on strike at all

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