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    • How to Win Court Case Without Evidence
      We have been asked this question several times and we felt that maybe this will be a good blog post to write. The most simple answer is yes you can win a case without any evidence. It all depend on the nature of your case. Say for example, if your case hinges solely on point of […]
    • Predict Winning of A Court Case
      It is definitely not easy to try and predict if a case can be won or not. Why is it important to try and predict the outcome of a case? Take for instance, Abigail Fisher’s case. In 2008, she sued the University of Texas to force the school to reconsider her rejected undergraduate application without taking […]
    • How to Win Legal Case in Court
      You may have heard this before from your lawyers – the best way to win a legal case in court is to have a good case to pursue. What constitute a good case? Your claim is legitimate; you have all the documents, evidence and witnesses to prove your claim; the law in the jurisdiction where […]

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