Campus rape victims often find more justice in college than in court | Jill Filipovic

Some wonder why campuses don’t just turn over sexual assault cases to the criminal justice system. A new case shows why their involvement matters

Here is what Saifullah Khan and the woman he stood accused of raping agree on: the two Yale students were at a Halloween party in 2015, and it was a typical college party, with lots of booze. The two went back to the woman’s dorm room. She was so drunk she vomited multiple times. She woke up with bruises on her legs.

Whether the two had consensual sex or whether Mr Khan raped the woman, whose identity is being shielded, was the question in front of a New Haven, Connecticut jury, when the district attorney decided to pursue sexual assault charges against Mr Khan – an unusual move in a case of alleged acquaintance rape on a college campus. After hearing protracted testimony about the woman’s supposedly immodest Halloween costume, her alcohol consumption, and her alleged flirtatious behavior, the jury found Mr Khan not guilty.

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