Another day another cabinet minister's confusing Brexit vision

Where Boris Johnson argued for a deregulated future, David Davis wants to leave lawless EU to create better and more regulations

It seems there might be a plan after all. If you’re sufficiently confused yourself there’s no better way of communicating that confusion to your enemies than by sending out several members of the cabinet to relay your Brexit vision. And getting them to say something different every time. Just about the only living things close to No 10 not to be given the chance to make their case for Brexit are the Four Pot Plants. The only ones likely to come up with anything vaguely coherent.

Today it was David Davis’s turn in the limelight. Some 20 minutes later than planned, the Brexit secretary walked out into a Vienna broom cupboard to address a few rows of local businessmen, embassy and departmental officials, and a contingent of the British media. It’s fair to say there’s rather more interest in this series of speeches back in the UK than there is elsewhere in the EU. And that’s saying something.

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